Parcel Audit Program (PAP)

NEMF Logistics’ PAP program provides a automated, risk free, ongoing, invoice-based recovery audit of your FedEx® and UPS® invoices.

  • The PAP program puts that money back in your company’s pocket, that you can’t cost effectively get on your own
  • Our program automatically audits FedEx® and UPS® invoices daily to recover your refunds owed to you
  • Through our audit, reporting automation, and optimization analysis, we help your business save money and function more efficiently
  • Our program is 100% contingency-based, so we get paid only when we save you money
  • You don’t have to change anything you do today. In most cases you won’t even know the audit is occurring until the refunds show up
  • It’s so easy we frequently hear “why wouldn’t I do this?”