Brokerage Services

  • A transactional service offering for clients who have seasonal spikes, end of quarter surges, and regular truckload shipments which they want to source from the spot market
  • Any mode, anywhere, any size, any speed
  • As the service provider, we continuously check and monitor the spot market for available freight capacity, then contract freight movements for each individual transaction
  • This service creates value by matching shippers’ requirements with spot market “idle” capacity providing superior value over normal “contracted” rates with TL carriers
  • Established relationships with pre-screened regional and national carriers specializing in various transportation modes allow us to fulfill our clients’ unique, out-of-gage, and specialized shipments
  • This is highly focused service offering whereby we generate multiple shipment status updates throughout the shipment life cycle
  • Broadcast e-mail capability to find you the best carrier at the best price “now”!
  • Daily DOT compliance checks

Brokerage Authority number: MC – 840781
Alpha Code (SCAC): NEMC